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Global Source Technology is your expert partner in sourcing obsolete capacitors

Manufacturers throughout nearly all industries are increasingly finding that they now must contend with the specter of obsolete original equipment manufacturer components. While obsolescence has been a problem for manufacturers since the inception of the industrial revolution, it is now becoming an endemic concern for all who use electronic components in both the manufacturing process and the end products themselves.

To avoid expensive and unnecessary redesigns of critical components and final products, manufacturers across the globe now must have a backup plan to assure the continuation of their supply chain when critical OEM parts suddenly become scarce or completely unavailable through their normal suppliers.

At Global Source Technology, we have decades of experience in directly selling obsolete OEM parts to our clients. Our warehouse contains hundreds of millions of electronic components, many of which are currently obsolete and difficult to find. But even when we cannot directly ship a needed obsolete part, we will work with our extensive global network of suppliers and resellers to find the parts that you need.

We specialize in obsolete capacitors

Capacitors rank among the most widely used of all electronic components. Unfortunately, capacitors often become obsolete long before the products that they were designed to be used in. In some cases, a manufacturer may decide to stop producing a line of capacitors due to unprofitability, or the manufacturer may simply go out of business.

Although these electronic components may be both small and simple, they are also critical parts in nearly every electronic component. When a particular capacitor becomes obsolete, scarce or otherwise unavailable, manufacturers can quickly find themselves staring at the prospect of a multi-million-dollar product redesign. Often, this outcome is unacceptable.

Global Source Technology can help you get the capacitors you need through our vast on-site warehouse, which contains thousands of capacitors, including those that are obsolete or difficult to find. Additionally, we can harness our global network of original equipment manufacturers, suppliers and contract manufacturers to ensure that you have access to the critical components that you need, no matter how hard they may be to get ahold of.

Global Source Technology can help you locate needed obsolete capacitors

At Global Source Technology, we maintain a powerful search engine on our website that can help you to locate any obsolete part that you may need. From commonplace parts of yesteryear to the most arcane or unusual items, our database includes every entry in our own huge inventory as well as nearly every part in the inventory of our global supply network. With our search function, you are virtually guaranteed to find the capacitors or electronic components that you need.

Obsolete never means low quality with Global Source Technology

Many of our clients operate in industries, such as aerospace, where electronic components being of the highest quality at all times can literally be a matter of life or death. That’s why all of our capacitors in stock are subjected to Global Source Technology’s best-in-industry quality-control regimen.

Every one of our capacitors in stock is properly packaged and labeled. We adhere to strict packaging standards to prevent damage, confusion regarding product identity and electrostatic discharge. All of our capacitors in stock are thoroughly inspected, ensuring that no counterfeit, defective or damaged parts ever see the inside of our warehouse, much less get shipped to our customers.

All of our capacitors and electronic components are subject to a rigorous final inspection that is performed by a dedicated quality assurance manager. In many cases, 100 percent of a shipment’s components will be independently inspected, leaving no chance for defective components to be placed in a final assembly.

While both capacitors and electronic components in general are susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge, the majority of our capacitors for sale are generally less prone to this form of damage. Still, we follow a fully EIA-625-compliant electrostatic-discharge-prevention regime that ranks among the most comprehensive in the industry. In short, when you buy a capacitor from Global Source Technology, you are guaranteed to get an authentic, new and perfectly functioning component.

We work with all major manufacturers

Because capacitors are so ubiquitous in electronic applications, they have proven to be a particularly critical linchpin in the manufacturing process, especially as many models have aged into obsolescence. Unfortunately, the component lifecycle has continued to get shorter, and this has forced many manufacturers to scramble in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Global Source Technology has been specializing in helping its clients to stay on top of supply-chain trends throughout the course of the company’s more than 20-year existence. Since 1997, we have helped to not only source obsolete or difficult-to-find parts on behalf of our clients, but we have also helped our customers to manage the ever-increasing pace of part obsolescence.

Part of this effort has entailed the expansion of our sourcing network. And this has been particularly true in the area of capacitors. Today, Global Source Technology carried capacitors from more than 20 of the globe’s foremost manufacturers, including Kyocera, Corning, NEC, Philips and Arco. Furthermore, our global network of suppliers means that we can almost invariably source any component that has been mass produced in the past.

More importantly, we can help our customers to anticipate the obsolescence of critical components in their supply chain, helping to mitigate the often-extreme costs that sudden scarcity or complete absence of indispensable components can bring about. We are experts in obsolescence mitigation, helping our customers to deal with the impending unavailability of components that are operationally critical. If you are facing a parts bottleneck or a potentially operations-compromising interruption of parts due to obsolescence or other factors, Global Source Technology can help you to devise a long-term strategy to ensure that production is never compromised.

We also help to manage the effects of long-term part obsolescence or scarcity on behalf of non-manufacturing organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense. In this role, we can help to ensure operational capacity is never degraded as a result of single-manufacturer part-obsolescence issues.

Buy obsolete capacitors today

With capacitors for sale from every major manufacturer and the ability to source virtually any model that has ever been produced, Global Source Technology is your one-stop shop to buy obsolete capacitors.

At Global Source, we have built our name and reputation on getting things done with precision and speed. We built a global network of suppliers over the course of more than two decades, which allows us to quickly source virtually any electronic component while ensuring world-class quality and some of the fastest delivery times that you’ll find in the industry.

We have the ability to handle all orders, from one-time custom orders to major ongoing global logistics projects. Unlike some of our competitors, Global Source Technologies also has the credit facilities and major financial backing to move industrial quantities of product across the globe on a moment’s notice. The bottom line is that we are consummate professionals who you can always trust to deliver for your operation, no matter how big or small.

With our award-winning customer service, global supply network, large on-hand inventory and world-class-expert staff, Global Source Technology is your best option when it comes time to buy obsolete capacitors. We are fully ISO2002 compliant, with highly trained personnel who have decades of collective experience. You won’t find a better partner in the electronics industry. Call us today, or come and visit our beautiful and sprawling facility in Laguna Niguel, California